Orienteering is a sport in which participants navigate around a course using a map and compass.  Orienteering ACT is the body that organises and promotes Orienteering in the ACT.

Approaching Events - All are welcome (see "Events" for later events):

- Sat 26 Jul: Mt Ainslie North Saturday Metro #10
- Sun 27 Jul: Foxlow Flats ACT League #8
- Wed 30 Jul: Mt Rogers Midday Event

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Wander Through the Wombats’ Wonderland at Foxlow Flats

Friday, 18 July 2014

Abominable O-men invite you to experience the “wombats’ wonderland” of Foxlow Flats for ACT League # 8 on Sunday 27 July.  Foxlow Flats was first used for orienteering in the early 1980s under the name of Antills Creek.  After a break of over 20 years the area was re-mapped and orienteering returned under the new title of Foxlow Flats for the 2007 ACT
Long Distance Championships and 2007 Oceania Relay Championships. 

As photos here, taken recently and previously for the resumption of orienteering, the area is typical Australian gully spur terrain, with some deep erosion gullies.  Some gullies are deeper and extended since the area was mapped, but it is still a pleasant area for interesting and challenging orienteering.

Courses have been set by top ACT Junior Cockatoo, Jacqui Doyle, and endorsed by controller Ann Scown.  They feature the best available terrain including some flats and some hills and plenty of wombat holes. You might even find yourself with some amazing views of the western ranges if you find time to take your eyes off the ground.

Jacqui has made it her duty to find some of the most interesting control sites and incorporate them into what should provide route choice and fine navigation challenges for competitors of all abilities.

With this being the third last event for individuals in the ACT League, see the progress points table here, competitors with aspirations to be in contention need make the trip to Foxlow Flats.  The progress points table for the Inter-club Challenge is here and while the Bushflyers seem to have secured yet another title, there could still be plenty of interest in which club, Parawanga or Red Roos, finishes second.

Details of the event can be found here.

By Ann Scown

Wander Through the Wombats’ Wonderland at Foxlow Flats Friday, 18 July 2014 Abominable O-men invite you to experience the “wombats’ wonderland” of Foxlow Flats on Sunday 27 July
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